Pedram's stream of consciousness

Sunday, March 11, 2007

300 omissions, errors, and lies

The movie 300 depicts an epic battle where 300 Spartans battle and defeat a million Persian soldiers (from what I hear since I didn't see the movie, nor do I plan to). The movie is based on a comic book which is a major modification of the writing of Herodotus. Herodotus has been called by many the father of history but he is also known by many as the father of lies because his accounts of Greek history contradicts other non-biased historians of the time. So the movie is a box office hit but most Persians are really upset about the movie. There are online petitions and discussion groups, and blah blah blah of people getting really bent out of shape.

Here is my thinking (for what it's worth). Movies like this are only going to influence individuals with a pre-existing bias. In my mind the point isn't to sway these people in a different direction because it is going to require so much work and energy to guide the misguided our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be working on it. I just don't want my $8 going to support this movie making machine that rapes and pillages everyone. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Cowboys, Indians (with feathers), Indians (with dots), Mexicans, Africans, Asians, lawyers, doctors, left handed people, cab drivers, midgets, giants, the blind, the deaf, the blind and the deaf, etc. You name it, the movie industry has found a way to twist the facts and make bite sized chunks of digestible crap for the masses to consume.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword but in the fist fight of bombs vs. bits the movie camera will always come out on top. The only way to not get the mental s**t kicked out of yourself is to question what you see but also see what you question. If you don't question your own assumptions and consider that maybe, just maybe, you could be wrong about something that you believe so strongy then you leave no room for growth. So my original statement that I am not going to see the movie wasn't actually correct. I am going to see the movie but not in theatres, I am going to wait until someone I know buys the DVD and then I will watch it and revisit this debate with myself.

Midnight creepers.... again

Most of my friends know that my house was badly TPed the weekend before Halloween. I have a previous blog post and picasa album about it. But what they and I didn't understand until last night was the deep post-war like symptoms now embedded in my brain. It turns out that 3+ hours of cleaning TP left a real lasting chemical change in me.

Last night around 2:22 AM I woke up to the sound of running and kids laughing/talking. I immediately jumped out of bed to look out the window but didn't see anyone. In an adrenaline filled flurry I put on some pants, grabbed my keys and cell phone and rushed out the house to get in the car and find the culprits. I might add that in the process I woke up Rah and scared the bejebers out of her. With heart pounding and nerves jumping I cranked open the front door and ran towards my car when I noticed something very odd..... no TP, not a single square. I stood in my front yard for 30 seconds in a confused state, the events of the last 45 seconds being a total blur as if a dream. Back in the house I had to explain to Rah what happened and apologized. I got back in bed but could still hear my heart pumping adrenaline filled blood throughout my body. I struggle to go back to sleep for 20-30 minutes but just couldn't.

I think the solution to this is to get a big scary dog :-)