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Friday, September 16, 2005

Insane in the membrane!

Don't talk to me about sanity! Don't talk to me about being proper! Don't you dare talk to me about the right etiquette for what fork to use for my salad! I am just a bad-ass programma who don't take no shiznit from nobody. Let me tell you a story to demonstrate.

Yesterday I was at Starbucks(c) ordering a low-fat decaf vanilla and hazelnut latte' but when I got my order I could tell that they used 2% milk. My blood started boiling and before I knew it, I jumped on top of the counter and yelled at the barista (19 year old twerp kid who read the Starbucks manual) "This aint no low-fat decaf vanilla and hazelnut latte' biatch" then I threw the coffee in his face. As his co-workers were applying ice to his face, I grabbed the 2% milk and told him that that s**t goes straight to my hips and then I forced him to drink the whole carton. When the cops showed up they could tell that I am one insane dude and they just run out of there!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Amazing picture problem

If you look at my previous post titled "Happily Engaged" you will see a picture of a man and woman who are not Raheleh and myself. At first I thought that someone might have hacked my account and messed it up, but then I realized that some image links are linked to external sites that contain pictures. So Shutterfly just happened to change the url to our engagement picture but by some lucky coincidence, in our place is a another couple (not as good looking). To make up for the mishap, I put up a picture of our engagement party :-)

Yellow Chair Stories

My adviser just sent me a link to an interesting project run by this student in London who is trying to explore the ways that individuals experience the socia-technical landscape that they live in. She is an interaction designer who set up this cute little space in front of a stoop where people can sit on a yellow chair and browse the web for free. During this time, she offers them tea or coffee and converses with them. While there isn't much meat to her work yet (I hope she continues this but doubt she will), I think it is a great way to set up a friendly environment where to get people thinking in a more civic minded way and learn from their daily experiences.

You can find out more about her project here

and more about her as a person/student/professional here

Amazing Comic

I ran across this guy a year ago and think he is amazingly funny. He is the first Indian comic I have ever heard and he does great Indian and Asian impersonations. Some people might call him racist but that's what makes him so funny :-)

Here is a link to a 30+ minute comedy skit.

btw, his namd is Russell Peters (doesn't sound Indian, does it)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Coke or cock

Check out this story of a coke ad that went horribly wrong because the graphic designer who created it, put a hidden picture of a woman doing something.....

Monday, September 12, 2005


Everyone comes to my blog to see Uranus, little do they know that William Herschel saw Uranus first! Damn, Uranus is famous now; you should feel proud.