Pedram's stream of consciousness

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pesky Green Car

The other day I had a flashback to Christmas shopping with my mom when I was 13. I had been asking my mom to get me a new toy racing car. At the time there was this new line of racing cars that would go amazingly fast if you wind them up and they where nice detailed replicas of real cars. While my mom is very generous she wouldn't buy them for me but one day we were at Toys'R'Us and as we passed by the cars that I wanted she told me to pick one out for her co-workers son. This made me very upset and frustrated that she was going to get the exact toy I wanted for someone else but not for me so I picked the ugliest car in the display which was a lime green replica of a Formula 1 racer. I was thinking to myself that this dumb kid is going to be so disappointed to open up this present and get this ugly green car. A few weeks later I was opening my Christmas gives and as I opened one of my gifts I realized that the dumb kid was me. My mom had created this story so that she could buy me the gift that I "wanted". This taught me a few lessons

1 - Don't be so focused on objects
2 - Wish others well regardless of your current state
3 - Don't trust mom when she says she is shopping for someone else

As a side note I no longer celebrate Christmas for a number of reasons which will probably be the subject of another blog post closer to December.