Pedram's stream of consciousness

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alpha males

Last night Rah and I got woken up to what sounded like sumo wrestlers fighting with sticks. From the very start I had a suspicion that the noise was coming from deers but I had to satisfy my curiosity so I went outside and saw an amazing display as two bucks (male deer) locked antlers and pushed each other around my front yard. It was an awesome display of testosterone as these two bucks faced off to see who could mate with the lady deer that lived in our backyard. I got a little nervous when they got close to my car but that soon passed as one buck caused the other buck to lose his footing. The competition ended there as the loser took off with a little less pride in his hop.

Interestingly enough last week we got woken up to two raccoons fighting in the tree outside our bathroom window. At first I though it was cats but then the screaming got so loud I had to check it out. Outside the window I found two raccoons really going at it. The sad part was that the bigger raccoon had pushed the smaller raccoon to the edge of the branch and it was fighting for its life from the other raccoon and trying to hold on so it didn't fall 10 feet to the ground. Now in all honesty I doubt he was thinking "Damn, I am 10 feet above the ground" but I am sure he was pretty panicked.

That is the joy of living in the hills... that and the amazing view of the bay from our living room.