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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Serenity review

Following up on Tim's review of Serenity; Rah, Kaveh, and I went to see it. But first we went to this little sushi place in San Carlos which we found to be lackluster given it was run my real Japanese people. But on to the movie, while I liked the movie and found it entertaining I don't think it lived up to the hype. While it started off strong, it gradually lost it's momentum halfway through, it almost feels like the second half of the movie was written by someone else. Anyways, my take on the movie is that it is a cross between an old western, star wars, minority report, dawn of the dead, and spaceballs. I give this movie a 7 out of 10 with a 6 being a "alright" movie. When the sequel or prequel (and you know there is going to be one) comes out, I will probably go see it but..... with no expectations.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wedding this weekend

Rah and I went to San Diego to attend the wedding of my friend Joe to his (then) fiance Felicia. We got in Friday afternoon, went straight to the church, did a dry-run of the wedding, had mexican food, hung out with Wendy and Dave and their 2 cats (skinny cat and gimpy cat), went to sleep, walked, ate bagels, got ready, drove, escorted people to their chairs, stood in a line, walked down the aisle, help back some tears, watched Joe and Felicia get married, walked down the aisle again, took some pictures, looked at Rah lovingly, had some bloody marys and beers, got introduced, sat down, got up, sat down again, listened to the best man speech, ate dinner, slow danced, fasted danced, got off the floor when the YMCA song came on, fast danced again, said goodbye to everyone, wished Joe and Felicia a happy honey moon, changed out of my tux, drove back to Wendy and Dave's place, dropped Rah off at the door, parked in the wrong spot, walked around a little bit, found out where to park, walked to their place, got inside, talked to Dave and Wendy while Rah passed out, said goodnight to them, fell asleep, woke up in the middle of the night with the urge to pee, decided it wasn't worth the effort, woke up a little later and let out some loud gas, realized I probably woke up our hosts, woke up, watched the "dog whisperer", watched the end of "steel magnolias", had breakfast, finished Rah's breakfast, walked back to car, said our goodbyes, drove to airport, filled up car with 3 gallons for .99cents, dropped off car, got to airport, got on plane, got off plane, got in car, drove to Homa's house, got out of car, got in house, ate, drank, was merry, got out of house, got in car, drove home, got out of car, got in house, got garbage, took garbage out of house, took garbage can to curb, went back to house, set up internet access, went to bathroom, went to bed, woke up, got ready, got out of house, got into car, drove to work, got out of car, got into company, worked, ate lunch, wrote this blog, wrote blog entry about writing blog entry, wrote blog entry about writing blog entry about writing blog entry.... etc.

The wedding was great, they looked so happy, I'm sure they will have a great life together. It was awesome hanging with Wendy and Dave, I wish we had had more time to hang. Wendy now looks like a pregnant woman. They have a new cat with a gimpy paw but lots of personality so I like it/him/her.

Here is a picture of Joe doing his patented chug the beans move.