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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

new job, 30, and construction

I haven't blogged for a while because a lot of stuff has been going on lately. Get ready for a blast of words with little structure...... 8 weeks I quit my job at Google, 2 weeks later I started my new job at Facebook, and then 4 weeks later I turned 30, 3 weeks before that we started major construction on our backyard, frontyard and sewer system, 3 months before that our sewer backed up and let nasty stuff wash up and flood our downstairs, 6 months before that I started getting really fed up with not being about to launch anything at work, 4 month after that I attended my brother in law's graduation ceremony where Omid Kordestani's speech convinced me that you don't get ahead unless you take risks, a month after that I realized that a year ago a good friend of mine left Google to take a big risk on himself and it clicked for me, 3 months later I realized I made the right decision because every day of work has gotten better than the last day, 1 week later our new patio and front walkway was done, 1 day later we threw a big party for my 30th birthday (pics on facebook), 7 hours later Don Julio and Jack Daniels battled it out in my stomach, 1 hour later they declared truce after the 2nd battle of porcelain valley, 8 hours later I was cleaning up my house, 6 days earlier Rah got me Bose noise cancelling headphones, 9 days lateer I was sitting at work listening to them while writing this blog.

I'm 30 now but time means nothing :-)


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