Pedram's stream of consciousness

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Midnight creepers.... again

Most of my friends know that my house was badly TPed the weekend before Halloween. I have a previous blog post and picasa album about it. But what they and I didn't understand until last night was the deep post-war like symptoms now embedded in my brain. It turns out that 3+ hours of cleaning TP left a real lasting chemical change in me.

Last night around 2:22 AM I woke up to the sound of running and kids laughing/talking. I immediately jumped out of bed to look out the window but didn't see anyone. In an adrenaline filled flurry I put on some pants, grabbed my keys and cell phone and rushed out the house to get in the car and find the culprits. I might add that in the process I woke up Rah and scared the bejebers out of her. With heart pounding and nerves jumping I cranked open the front door and ran towards my car when I noticed something very odd..... no TP, not a single square. I stood in my front yard for 30 seconds in a confused state, the events of the last 45 seconds being a total blur as if a dream. Back in the house I had to explain to Rah what happened and apologized. I got back in bed but could still hear my heart pumping adrenaline filled blood throughout my body. I struggle to go back to sleep for 20-30 minutes but just couldn't.

I think the solution to this is to get a big scary dog :-)