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Monday, January 15, 2007

The beard.....

As of Nov 7th 2006 I stopped shaving. At first I had no choice in the matter as I had shoulder surgery and couldn't shave with my left hand. As time went on and my arm started to recover I got back into my daily routine with the exception of the daily shave. At first I liked the idea of saving time each day and while that 10 minutes a day freed up an hour a week it turned into something more. Growing my beard became a sort of experiment as to how puffy it could get before everyone in my life revolted against me :-) Well it is now 1-15-2007 and I fear that before this MLK celebration is over my beard will be no more. I have mentally prepared myself for this for the last few days but now that my beard is so close to the chopping block I am feeling a little sad....... update to come soon.


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