Pedram's stream of consciousness

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crazy cop

As I was rolling out of the toll light in the highway on ramp a cop car races in front of my path and totally cut me off. I saw the lights flashing and figured he was after someone but then he did the oddest thing.... He slowed down and started swerving from left to right. He eventually settled into a lane and I tried to pass him at under the speed limit of 65 mph (in the future when the speed limit is 1000 mph and people come back to this blog they will be amazed at how slow we were) the cop cut into my lane and blocked my access. At this point I started piecing it together and realized he wanted to slow down traffic so that there was a dead zone in the traffic ahead. Anyways, it was an odd sight and my first instinct was that some loony stole a cop car and took it for a joy ride. As I described the situation to my wife, coworkers, friends etc. they all seemed to have had an experience with that before.

How is it that after 11 years of being able to drive I had never encountered such a cool thing before?