Pedram's stream of consciousness

Friday, November 18, 2005

New ipod video

How sweet is this, I was sitting at my desk working when a package shows up. I was pretty excited because it was a good sized package so I open it up and sitting in my hands is a brand new 30GB ipod video with an engraving on the back that says "Thanks from Google". I was completely amazed and then thought "wtf, maybe they sent it to the wrong person" but nope, it was for me! Woohooo, now I need to find a good use for it, maybe I will start watching more videos as I walk around or something to that effect.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Some days I wake up and I have a million ideas flowing out of my head. I get really worried that I will forget them so I write them down for times when things get boring. Most of my ideas revolve around different research projects and cool ideas for social games. Lately I have had a few ideas that would make great startings (or endings) to jokes.

I wish I knew what made for creative days, actually I wish I knew how ideas get created. You know that feeling when the light bulb just goes off and you think to yourself "I am the smartest chipmunk in the universe".