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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another crazy dream

So last night I dreamt that I was the head of a massive international alcohol smuggling cartel (must have been during prohibition). Anyways, I can't remember all of the dream but at some point I was in a dark meeting room with bug thuggish looking guys smoking cigars and wearing expensive silk suites. Then the next thing that flashed through my head was me in white stretched limo being chased by the police in Hollywood. I had two of my henchmen in the car, Carlos and Chen; Carlos looked like a mini version of me in a white suite with a pink shirt underneath, and Chen looked like the Oddjob from 007 GoldFinger. While the cops chased after us I keep thinking that I don't want my loyal henchmen to get caught so I yelled "Chen jump out of the car and escape" but he wouldn't budge, saying something about honor and staying with his leader. Finally I was able to get him to escape saying "You must live to continue my fight another day" so he left and jumped into some bushes. Then I turned to Carlos to tell him to escape, but all I caught was his backside as he jumped out the car, so much for honor! Finally my car came to a stop and instead of cops pulling me out of my car, Canadian mounted police pulled told me to step out and face the charges against me. "You are an illegal smuggler of Canadian syrup" is what she kept saying, but I kept arguing with her that I don't even like syrup and I smuggle alcohol but she wouldn't listen to it. As the mountie lead me away, I kept thinking that her uniform looks a little off and that her name "Candy" sounded too much like a stripper's name. But my almost fantasy dream turned out to be a nightmare because the next thing I could remember, I was sulking in a dirty damp jail cell that looked like something from a Knight movie. At this point I woke up to realize that I had thrown my blanket off my body and was really cold.


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