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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My crazy dream

Last night I dreamt that I was invited to this dinner party at the home of a rich and powerful Iranian guy. When we got to his mansion I remember being startled by how old and bald he was because I was expecting a younger sharp looking guy. Then at some point in the evening I was alone with him in the kitchen and he kept babbling and talking in gibberish and I kept thinking to myself "How did this old, bald, wacko get to this point in his life?!?!". But that isn't the weirdest part of the dream, in my dream it was really stormy outside and tree branches were hitting against windows and making for an unpleasant night. At some point I had to use the bathroom but I ended up in an indoor pool/garden area that was very dark, gloomy, and grimy. When I entered the room I felt a chill because one of the windows on the ceiling was opened and then I noticed a big scary snake slithering down a ladder. In shock, I looked around the room to discover more snakes coming towards me and hissing. I ran out of the there and ended up in a hallway to see the dinner party but everyone looked like half-human half-skeletons, as if they were soul-less. I went to find another bathroom but again the same thing, there was a window open with a half snake half gecko thing crawling into the room. He looks at me with human looking face and right then when I thought that either he would say something to me or pounce on me to attack, I woke up.

This dream really disturbed me a lot because I am having a hard time interpreting it. Snakes are a symbol of deceit and treachery, maybe they represent people I should be careful of. And the half dead people probably represent soul-less people that I should avoid. The only thing I can't figure out is why I would have this dream since I have a strict policy of cutting out from my life people who aren't positive.


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