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Monday, April 24, 2006

Back in WA

I am back in Washington state after nearly 2 years and experiencing a mixed bag of emotions. The Google office in Kirkland is 2 blocks from my friend Eiman's old house where I spent a lot of my time and today I took a little walk around that neighborhood, I guess you could call it a walk down memory lane. As I walked around I was struck by memories of a "simpler" time of cooking kabob, parties, and just hanging out.... I say "simpler" because when I really think about it, every day is simpler than the day that follows it because we forget the hard parts. While walking, I tried to recall the fun times we had there but when I looked around it all felt so empty because the people who made it special where not around. Maybe it was a combination of the Spring air infused with the sweet smell of roses and pollen but it was very surreal.

The days pass by, one by one, and yesterday becomes yesteryear becomes a distant memory becomes a shadow of a memory becomes....


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