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Friday, July 29, 2005


I logged on to write a post but didn't have anything to say. At first I thought "you always have something to say Pedram" but then kept coming up with nothing. Maybe it is the stress, maybe it is the fact that summer is coming to an end and I wish it would stay forever. I wonder if a glass feels sad when all the water has been poured out of it, as if it has no purpose. Do chairs feel happiness when someone is about to sit on them? Even though these things are objects created by people, I like to think that there is some essence of a soul in them. Humans, by our nature, are tuned to understand and relate to one another but we have to learn how to relate to the seasons, to sound, to objects that we would otherwise ignore in our daily activities. Even though humans feel emotions, I'm not sure we know how to deal with our emotions. For instance, people often handle stress or sadness by eating or sleeping to escape what they are feeling but rarely does that solve the problem. I think I deal with my stress through silence. Sometimes my silence is a result of deep reflection but other times it is my way of shutting down.

Closing my eyes, I see the galaxy
It envelopes, grasps, and takes hold of me

Where I start and where it ends was clearly once defined
No longer reality but just a dream of mine

Alone in thought, I try to find my way
Alone in self, with nothing more to say


  • i only saw this just now--but that was really good! i didn't know you had it in you.

    By Blogger Patrick, at 4:25 PM  

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