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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Inner voice.....

Recently, Raheleh and I were joking around in the car and she said something that made me laugh. While I was laughing on the outside my inner voice said "ha ha we are having a good time". I usually don't pay much attention to my inner voice but for whatever reason I paid attention to it and decided to tell Rah what it said. Apparently this was the funniest thing she had heard in a long time because she started laughing uncontrollably.

Then my inner voice said "Don't let her mock you, assert your dominance", so I told her to stop laughing and respect me as the alpha male. She stopped the car, kicked me out and drove off.... I'm never listening to my inner voice again!


  • Yup, it was darn funny. The effort it took to think "ha ha we are having fun" is a bit amazing. On top of the effort to stop and say it out loud!

    By Blogger Raheleh, at 3:02 PM  

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