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Monday, July 25, 2005


While on a trip to Colorado we overheard some kids (probably 12 years old) talking about God. One of my friends asked one of the kids an interesting question

F : Can God do anything?
K : Yes...
F: Can God create a rock that God can't lift?
K: (Just looked at us with a blank look on her face)

I think this is a pretty funny question because it assumes that God has a physical form. I find it funny when people argue that God is a man or woman..... Does God have a penis or vagina? Lets go further and think about God's bowel movements, does God pooh? If so, then God must also eat and if so what would happen if God stopped eating, would God die? Where would God go to upon dying?

Can God create a rock that God can't lift? If yes, then God is not all powerful because God can't lift everything but if the answer is no, then God is still not all powerful because God can't create anything......

If these questions keeps you awake at night, you should consider taking a bible and.... beating yourself over the head with it until you pass out.


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