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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This is not a resolution!

I want to start off by saying this is not a new year's resolution but I want to lose weight! I currently weight between 218 and 222 lbs and I need to get below 200, preferably 190.

So here we are in January and I weight 220; if I want to be 190 by, say, June I need to lose about 5 lbs a month.


  • Wow, you're good at math!

    By Blogger Wendy, at 5:26 PM  

  • A very good reason to lose 30 lbs check it out.

    By Blogger Pedram Keyani, at 3:47 PM  

  • This assumes that you are reasonably tall or quite large-framed. Otherwise , maybe, you're setting yuor sites too low. that's not to discourage you, by the way. Think big as you have to.

    By Blogger David, at 2:21 AM  

  • You are currently weighting 220 Pedram and you need to lose around 25 to 30 lbs atleast for healthy weight. I think losing around 5 lbs in a month is not a goal that can be achieved. I am currenly working on a fast weight loss site where I am introducing you some great healthy tips to lose weight. So go Pedram and try the weight loss tips I am recommending on my site.

    By Blogger Brad, at 7:30 PM  

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